Why Won’t You Listen?

Randy Davis

I am a pastor trained in systematic theology. I have a broad interest in biblical studies, history and culture.

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  1. brocklee says:

    I am my wifes tech support. I noticed that you modified your bar at the bottom with stats, search, etc. Did you modify sidebar2.php or did you modify one of the other files. I want to put an annotated bible study link list down there on my wifes blog but when I modify the file nothing happens. Thanks… Sorry for posting here but I couldn’t find a contact me page.

  2. CharlesMMelazzo says:

    Hey man…. you don’t know me… I stumbled upon your site while I was listening to a Tim Keller Sermon (he mentioned the vine under which Jonah sat… and so I googled it out of curiosity). Long story short, I am delighted to find your blog.

    I’ve been going through Jeremiah… and its been hard. I always liked to imagine that if a prophet came down… that he would adress al the issues that I had with the church… and then look over and wink at me… as if to say “good job buddy… you knew what was wrong all along”. But now I am realizing that the prophet would have much more to say about the sickness in my own heart, than the issues of the church. Its good to read someone who isn’t just complaining about the church… but is adressing issues with humility, such as yourself.

    I hope I can meet Bill in heaven too. To meet someone who had the humility and courage to cling to God as we are called to. I’ve lived a comfortable life for so long… that I don’t even know how to live courageously. I only hope that the Lord will restore myself… and the rest of us… until we are people who know and understand Him… more than we do our own satisfaction. Maybe then we will know the kind of joy that Bill did.

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