I have tried my hand at a few blogs but they were all too specialized. I decided I wanted a place to say whatever I wanted to say about things that interest me. My interests are mostly pastoral and theological. But, some cultural and denominational events catch my attention as well.

Sometimes I am like Jonah. Jonah was a hard-headed kind of guy. When God called him to preach at Nineveh, he ran in the other direction. And of course, the big fish swallowed him. Still being hard-headed, he went but he didn’t like it. So, he preached then crawled up under a vine that God provided for him for shade, and waited for God to bring fire from heaven. Instead the people repented and a worm ate his vine and he got rather hot.

On the other hand, the prophet Micah wrote, Micah 4:4 “Each of them will sit under his vine And under his fig tree, With no one to make them afraid, For the mouth of the LORD of hosts has spoken.” It was a picture of perfect peace.

Being a southern boy, I am most familiar with the Kudzu vine. It has vitality, it grows anywhere. I will sit under the Kudzu. Will it be a shade while I wait for the fire works? Or, will it be a place of peace where I sit with friends and drink coffee and laugh? I have to warn you, it depends on how I wake up in the morning. Probably, it will be a little of both. ( For interesting information about kudzu, click here )

I guess I should tell you who I am. I am Randy. My seminary training was in systematic theology and church history. I am interested in theology for the church, theology that can be preached, theology that strengthens the believers and keeps to Body of Christ from being poisoned.

Scripture says that life is like a vapor. It is my hope that in the time God has allotted to me, through the power of the Holy Spirit, I leave his Church in better shape than I found it. May God bless everyone whom God calls to this sacred office and may we all built up the Body of Christ.