Why Baptists Cannot Be Charismatic

Randy Davis

I am a pastor trained in systematic theology. I have a broad interest in biblical studies, history and culture.

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  1. Lonnie says:

    Baptists are losing their identity. I was on the phone last night (June 7) with a deacon from a church going through a split. His call was asking me about a certain man on our supply preacher list (I am a Director of Missions for three Baptist associations). “The man’s a Calvinist!” he said, indignantly. I chose not to argue the point though the preacher he was referring to is pretty much a “one-point” Calvinist–strong belief in the sovereignty of God. I did ask why such a strong statement–he bssically went all subjective and “me-centered” with his responses. It reminded me again of how we are losing our Baptist identity. I remember you saying once that Baptists are neither Calvinist nor Arminian but BIBLICAL! Your post is “right on” as you would expect from one who came of age in the 1960s! Blessings–

    Lonnie Wascom

  2. We ought to be proud of being Baptists. I am Baptist because I believe it more closely reflects NT theology than other denominations. I am Southern Baptist because of a theological conviction to take Christ in the NT understanding of Him throughout the world. I do not believe the majority of Southern Baptists believe tongues exist for today. I personally am not a cessationist. I simply don’t see where tongues ceased as yet. However, I do believe tongues is not a gift to be sought, not do I believe it is a gift of spiritual maturity. In fact, I believe it reflects spiritual immaturity and a failure to trust in the God of the Bible.

    The church at Corinth was more immature than most other churches of the NT, yet it was this very church which was caught up in the gift of tongues. I do not want those representing Southern Baptist who demonstrate such a level of immaturity.

    I simply do not understand God’s purpose in tongues, but I trust Him completely to know what He is doing. I just believe tongues and the spiritual maturity necessary to effectively lead a Baptist entity or to serve as a missionary are totally incompatible.

    Mike Rasberry

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