The sky god is the imaginary god of atheists. The god is very impersonal so we cannot call this god a he or a she, so we must call it an “it.” The sky god goes by other names such, Evolution, Chance and is even known by some as the Universe. The sky god cannot be seen or experienced and it does not communicate with anything or anyone but apparently can be discovered by careful study. The sky god is very intelligent and creative but, since it is not personal, there is not much we can know about it. It does not reveal itself to people, it has been constructed from “evidence”collected and organized by the followers of the sky god. So, as you might suspect, it is very subjective. In this religion all evidence must fit into a particular paradigm of thinking.

The sky god is responsible for everything there is. It created the universe out of nothing. First there was nothing but then there was a point of singularity. All the mass and energy in the universe were contained in this one singularity. One might ask where did this point of singularity come from since there was nothing there or apparently there. But in reality, the laws of gravity preexisted. It may be that gravity is another form of the sky god or perhaps another god all together. This god of gravity, the preexistent one, causes the singularity to form and thus the god called the universe came into existence. It is a bit confusing, I know. Which came first, Evolution, Chance, the Universe or the law of Gravity? It is hard to know but the sky god encompasses all of these entities and gives them direction.

Everyone has read the creation account. The law of Gravity caused the singularity and then exploded into the universe. It was an exquisite perfection when it comes to explosions. In just milliseconds, all that energy formed particles and energies and laws in such a way that eventually organic life would be possible. It was by the very wisdom of the sky god that all of these things took place 13.5 billion years ago (give or take a few billion years) and happened in such a precise way that life would form on one little green-blue planet that we have fondly called earth. It is an amazing feat when you consider that the one who controlled all of this was Chance, one of the many faces of the sky god. Chance caused the singularity to explode. Chance formed electrons and protons and all sorts of subatomic particles. It produced all kinds of forces such as the strong force and the weak force that caused the particles to clump together into atoms in a variety of ways that created the elements, which are the building blocks of much of the universe. It is a marvel and much of it can be seen with the naked eye or a telescope. But, the sky god hid most of this creation from us in what is called dark matter and dark energy.

The sky god caused this explosion to spread the universe in all directions into infinity. And it produced stars and planets and moons. While this is a beautiful and exotic universe, it is hard to know just how the sky god caused it all to take place. However the priests and priestess of the sky god think that there are other universes, maybe even an infinite number of universes and that one of them may have formed a bubble or leaked a little and that caused this one universe that we know about, to come into existence.

But the sky god was not finished. The sky god expressed itself as Chance and as Evolution. These two went to work on this one little rock floating around in the universe we call earth. First they created an atmosphere. And, of course, that provided weather and lightening, all of manner of events. Next, Chance caused some elements to get close together and, well, those elements like each other and formed molecules. Then those molecules got together and formed complex compounds which some call organic matter. If Chance and Evolution had any feeling or personality, they would have been excited. And you need to remember that these things took place over millions, even billions of years. So, maybe the passing of time was a little boring, even for an impersonal sky god.

But Chance and Evolution were not finished. They caused those organic compounds to get together, maybe cooked up by lightening or even delivered by space aliens from another world. These compounds form the first cell. Life, began and there was no stopping life. Chance and Evolution caused life, over millions of years, to go in a linear line from that one cell to us humans! It is so exciting. Chance working with Evolution caused multi cell organicism and they formed into worms and bugs and then into fish and dinosaurs and then into amphibians and mammals. Apparently Evolution did not like most of what it created because about 90% of all things created are extinct, gone forever.

Somehow, Chance and Evolution did a most unexpected thing. It violated its own rules. Each new thing was more complex than the thing before it. It seems to violate some of the Laws that the sky god created in the first place, like the second law of thermodynamic. But the followers of the sky god have ways of explaining it, but it makes you wonder.

The thing that most non believers do not understand is how humans were made. Humans are made backwards if you look at how Evolution and Chance created other creatures. It was by Chance that all of this exists but Chance is very smart. Working with Evolution, Chance created sophisticated creatures who could feed themselves and protect themselves and especially protect their young. By comparison, humans are stupid creatures. We are not fast or strong. Our children are born helpless and stay that way for years. We don’t have fur. It took millions of years for humans to learn how to raise food, make friends with dogs, and to learn how to defend ourselves. How in the name of the sky god did humans survive all those millions of years?

Some of the priests of the sky god say that when needs arose, Evolution gave man just the right equipment. We had a small brain but Evolution kept adding sub modules to help us survive. One subsystem of our brain, they say, made us religious so that we would know how to deal with the bodies of the dead. So we now know how we got such big brains. Evolution is so smart. In fact for an impersonal god, it seems to give a lot of direction to the development of creatures. Just the right environment, just the right body parts, and brain subsystems. And it was all carried out by Chance.

I am not a follower of the sky god, so this is just an outsiders observation. The priests and priestess have a hermetic language that they use to describe their beliefs. They use a lot of higher math to describe the reality of it all. But they have very little observational evidence. In other words, much of what they believe is taken on the basis of authority and blind faith. But it is obvious to all that some of the things they believe are quite true. But so much of it, is not only strange, but harmful if taken seriously.

It is a shame that the sky god is so impersonal. It does not give us a reason for our creation. It does not tell us why we should continue to exist. We have no rules for morals and values, though some like to pretend there is. It the world created by the sky god, life is meaningless created by Chance. We live and it does not really matter how we live. So, the sky god over achieved when it made humans. It made us in such a way that we can think and ask questions about our own existence. This is an unfortunate trait. We think for long periods of time and scratch our heard wondering who we are. The sky god says we are just another kind of animal and that we do not have a purpose. We are created by Chance after all. All we can do is have fun, follow our curiosities and hopefully die quietly when the time comes. And when we die, we cease to exist. We have nowhere to go. All of our achievements, loves, feelings, emotions and commitments, well, they meant nothing. It is one of the saddest beliefs of those who follow the sky god. They are very sad people.


I have been watching the news like everyone else. My response on the issues in Ferguson Missouri, is not a political or a racial one. The events of Ferguson reflect the failure of the church being the church. For reasons that I will explain, the church has failed to evangelize our nation. Ferguson is just a symptom of that failure.

There is has been an increase in the number of police problems, particularly the militarizing of police departments. But when you see the riots and the destruction over the last few days, when you understand something about the drug culture that has gripped our nation, you can understand many of the issues that law enforcement face and are trying to solve. Many voices have been warning of the social chaos that is coming to our American society if something does not change.

You can understand, if you try, that being black can be a humiliating experience when you are pulled over, or checked simply because you are black. When I was young, I was hassled by police because I drove a loud car and had long hair. It is infuriating to be stopped because your looks don’t conform to some sort of societal norm. It is not right that you are given criminal attention simply because of your skin color.

However, the real issue is not race or ethnicity or law enforcement. The real issue is moral. To be more precise, the real issue is sin and the sin nature that resides in all of us. There is only one solution to sin and that is Jesus. Before you decide that I am being simplistic, read some more and understand why I say it is a church problem.

Morality is a spiritual issue. Morality is the foundation of our nation, of our freedoms. It makes it possible for us to have an open and free society. Morality is tightly connected to the vitality of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Our law system, our business system, family system, and the entire fabric of our society are based on the foundation of our historic moral system.

We should never be surprised with lost people act like lost people. Lostness creates a self-centered society. Human nature without God hates the things of God and we only seek our own self-interest. Lost people live as if there is no God, no moral order, and no responsibility to others. It is lostness that destroys the moral fabric of our society. I am not saying that one has to be a believer to be moral, morality can be taught. What I am saying is that Christians are failing to be salt and light. Christians act as if they are not Christians, as if they have not been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. There is something deeply wrong with the church.

All churches have failed to evangelize our culture. Instead we have been won over by culture. We want to look like the world and act like the world thinking that makes us more attractive. The fact is, we have abandoned God’s purpose for the church. White churches and black churches failed Ferguson. The Good News of Jesus was replaced by various cultural icons.

This is a problem that has gone on for decades. As many formerly white neighborhoods, changed, the churches refused to minister to their new neighbors. White churches hunkered down into their little white citadels and refused black membership and refused to minister to their neighbors. Even as they dwindled to nothing they refused to open their doors and love their neighbors. The white church refused to evangelize and lost their moral voice.

But the black church has failed as well. Too many bought into the prosperity gospel teaching the hope of materialism rather than the hope of Jesus. The same can be said about politics. The black church became centers of political activity and pushed social change agendas. This is understandable but it is also a failure to understand what brings real change. Change comes when people have been confronted with Jesus, who redeems us and makes us new people.

Churches of all ethnic shapes and sizes, need to regain the basic Gospel truth; we are all sinners and we need to be saved by Christ. It is the Gospel that will unite us. It is the Gospel that will change us. It is the Gospel that can bring healing to the nation. The Bible teaches that when we become a follower of Christ, the Holy Spirit dwells in us. When we practice the presence of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis, he will conform our character into the image of Christ. Christ brings radical change to the human soul. We learn to respect people no matter what color they are or what religion they hold. We learn to respond to anger with kindness and to turn the other cheek. We learn to bless those who curse us and to go the second mile. Living the Christian life is a hard thing. We have high ideals. We cannot measure up to our calling as long as we refuse to live our lives controlled by the Holy Spirit.

We, who profess Christ as Lord and Savior, need to renew our lives in Christ. Christians need to learn to be witnesses both in the words we speak and in the deeds that we do. The love of Christ transcends skin color and cultural differences. The blood of Christ covers us and turns us crimson. The blood of Christ makes us all brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our nation is burning itself down. There are evil doers who have nefarious purposes and they will lead the nation to disaster. People will listen to them because they offer a false hope and because those who have a real message of hope have become silent. It is a terrible indictment on God’s people. We hold the solution to the sinful behavior of our nation, and we have refused to share that solution.

I like the quote from Martin Luther King, JR that has been circulating around on the internet: “We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools.” There is only one brotherhood that is big enough to accomplish this unity and that is the brotherhood we gain in Christ. We become a part of God’s family by entering the door of Christ. There is no other Door, no other Way. We must come together through the blood of Christ.

In the past, revivals and great awakenings have changed societies and prevented great disasters. If God’s people would repent of their materialism, their self-centeredness, and of their apathy, God could use us to change our nation. Otherwise, we will have more rioting in the streets, more police brutality as they have to defend themselves and an incredible loss of freedom. Freedom begins in the heart. We know that freedom is bought and paid for by Christ himself. Freedom means being conformed to Christ and not to the sin that so easily traps us.

AWAKE O CHURCH! Arise, and perhaps God himself will hear us and save us from our national disaster.